#007 Betarabushi
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: Mijyube

Evolves into: N/A

Location: Starting Town

Japanese Name: ベタラブシ

Pokédex Information

Species: The Challenging Pokémon

Type: Water/Fighting

Ability: Torrent

Height/Weight: 3'7/76 lbs.

Dex Color: Blue

Breeding Type: Water 1/Fairy

Gender: 50% 50%

Betarabushi is a Water-type Pokémon and is the evolution of the Water starter, Mijyube.

It has yet to be revealed what its evolution is.

It is able to learn several signature attacks; much like its co-starters.

Physical Description

Betarabushi has scaly, dark blue skin with a smoother light blue front. It has a slender head with purple eyes and purple markings over the eyes. It has oen large purple fin shooting from its head with two thinner finds sticking out behind it. It has a small purple gill cover that puffs out when mad. There are additional purple gills on its shoulder area of the arm. It has webbed fingers with a thin piece of light blue skin stretching in between the digits. From both arms are two small purple and turquoise fins. It has a stout purple tail with turquoise underneath it. Its legs are almost comepletely light blue save for a portion of the back which is blue; like the upper parts of the body. Its feet is also webbed.

Gender Differences

Female Betarabushi are more duller in color then male Betarabushi.

Special Abilities

Betarabushi can form water in thin air; extending the length of its punches. It can move in the water without much effort but, when it is on land, it tends to slow down in speed.


Betarabushi are solitary Pokémon that only come together to practice and train. They are often seen honing thier skills and abilities; often pushing them to the max. Unlike Mijyube, they will never back down from a fight.


Okomo live in deep rivers and oceans

PokeDex Entry

Betarabushi can split waves with the force of its punches or kicks. It will often seek out powerful opponents to fight against.

Dr. Hinoki's Lab

Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Hydro Uppercut Water
- Tackle Normal Physical
- Tailwhip Normal
7 Bubble Water Physical
11 Watergun Water
16 Double Slap Normal
19 Jump Kick Fighting
22 Taunt Dark
25 Water Pulse Water
27 Agility Psychic
31 Hydro Fury Water
35 Bulk Up Fighting
39 Water Spear Water
42 Force Palm Fighting Special
46 Astonish Dark
50 Aqua Ring Water
53 Hydro Pump Water Special

Evolution Family

Mijyube ---> Lv. 16 Betarabushi -----> ? TBR


-Betarabushi will learn its main signature attack, Aqua Uppercut, when it evolves from Mijyube at Lv. 16. However, if you keep Mijyube at level 16 without evolving, it will learn it regardless. This applies to Morikikiba and Morikikiba as well.

-Despite Mijyube being the smallest starter, Betrabushi claims second place as the tallest starter evolution.


Betarabushi is based off a beta fish or siamese fighting fish and a street fighter.

Betarabushi is based from ベタ (beta) and 武士道 (bushidou). Beta as in beta fish and bushidou as "warrior spirit".