#003 Ganeshiyashi
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: Morikikiba

Evolves into: N/A

Location: Evolution

Japanese Name:ガニシヤシ

Pokedex Information

Species: The Deep Forest Pokemon

Type: Grass / Rock

Ability: Overgrow

Height/Weight: 6'8/650 lbs.

Dex Color: Green

Breeding Type: Plant

Gender: 20% 80%

Ganeshiyashi is a Grass-type pokemon and is the final evolved form of the Grass starter, Kuamuzou.

Physical Description

Ganeshiyashi is a large Elephant-type pokemon with leaves covering most of its body. It has a small head that has a rock-like covering it like a helmet. It is mostly greyish-brown with cracks in it. It has four giant curved tusks; two on each side of the head. They are grey in color. It has green eyes. It has a long trunk with four rectangle shaped rocks running down its trunk It has a greyish-blue skin tone. It has four large legs that have a single stone block much like its trunk. It has leaves and branches sticking out from its body and a long tail with a bush-like thing coming out of the end of it.

Gender Differences


Special Abilities

Ganeshiyashi can hurl boulders as high as 80 ft in the air with ease using its trunk. It knocks over trees and building if it becomes angry. It can capture sunlight im its leaves and convert into energy.


Ganeshiyashi can be tempermental at times. It has been known to be provocted when it has young around. They will enclose themselves around the young to protect them from harm. It will rush in without fear to trample any foe.


Ganeshiyashi can be found in deep jungles or remote plains.

PokeDex Entry

It uses its strong tusks to break apart rocks and trees. Its trunk is strong enough to break apart boulders from mountain sides and whip them through the air.


Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Leaf Gust Grass
- Pound Normal
- Growl Normal
7 Vine Whip Grass Physical
11 Absorb Grass
16 Rollout Rock
19 Razor Leaf Grass
22 Knock Down Rock
25 Cotton Spore Grass
27 Magical Leaf Grass
31 Mighty Tree Grass
35 Sunny Day Fire
39 Root Strangle Ground
42 Giga Drain Grass Special
46 Petal Dance Grass
50 Spike Cannon Normal
53 Leaf Storm Grass Special

Evolution Family

Kusamuzou ----> Lv. 16 Morikikiba ----> ? Ganeshiyashi


- Ganeshiyashi is the tallest and heaviest of the Ongan starters.


Ganeshiyashi is based off a bush elephant and a mastodon.

Ganeshiyashi's name comes from ガニシャ (ganesha) and 林 (hayashi). Ganesha comes from the elephant Buddhist god which comes in form of a elephant and hayashi means "forest".