#004 Kaguma
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: Okomo

Evolves into: N/A

Location: Starting Town

Japanese Name: カグマ

Pokédex Information

Species: The Bear Pokémon

Type: Fire

Ability: Blaze

Height/Weight: 3'6/95 lbs.

Dex Color: Red

Breeding Type: Monster/Humanshape

Gender: 78% 22%

Kaguma is a Fire-type pokemon and is the evolution of the Fire starter, Okomo.

It has yet to be revealed what its evolution is.

It is able to learn several signature attacks; much like its co-starters.

Physical Description

Kaguma has a oval-shaped body covered in dark brown fur. It has a large mouth with a tan muzzle. It has red eyes and red markings over its eyes. The inside of its ears are yellow and red. On top of its head is a large flame. It has large arms and paws with red claws on the ends. Around its stomach and waist is a fire-design band. It has short legs with tan paw prints. It has a short but wide flame for a tail.

Gender Differences


Special Abilities

It can shoot out flames from both its mouth and head. It can heat the atmosphere and even cause molecules to heat up. Opening its mouth is said to emit heat waves.


Kaguma has a violent temper. If it senses something is wrong, is hurt, or wronged, it will throw a horrible tantrum. It will shoot fire from all directions causing wide-spread damage to the enviroment. However, is a trainer can soothe its tantrums, it can be very loyal and protective.


Kaguma live in coniferous forests with plenty of rocks and hills.

PokeDex Entry

Kaguma enjoys causing panic and destruction. It often blows out fiery breathes to cause wildfires. However, it can accidentally shoot flames out when yawning.


Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Wildfire Fire
- Tackle Normal Physical
- Growl Normal
7 Ember Fire Physical
11 Fury Swips Normal
16 Roar Normal
19 Fire Fang Fire
22 Faint Attack Dark
25 Slash Normal
27 Focus Energy Normal
31 Bonfire Fire
35 Fire Spin Fire
39 Rest Normal
42 Swift Normal Special
46 Sucker Punch Dark
50 Flare Blitz Fire
53 Flash Fire Fire Special

Evolution Family

Okomo ---> Lv. 16 Kaguma -----> ? TBR


- Kaguma will learn its main signature attack, Wildfire, when it evolves from Okomo at Lv. 16. However, if you keep Okomo at level 16 without evolving, it will learn it regardless. This applies to Morikikiba and Betarabushi as well.

- Kaguma went through 3 design proccesses before being finalized. The first depicted a very tired, sleeping bear, the next was a very large, pokemon with a bear-form, and lastly a dopey looking bear before this one was settled on.


Kaguma is based on a grizzly bear.

Kusamuzou's name comes from 火 (ka) and 熊 (kuma). Ka means "fire" and "kuma" means bear.