#001 Kusamuzou
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: N/A

Evolves into: Morikikiba

Location: Starting Town

Japanese Name: クザムゾウ

Pokedex Information

Species: The Baby Elephant Pokemon

Type: Grass

Ability: Overgrow

Height/Weight: 2'0/44 lbs.

Dex Color: Green

Breeding Type: Plant

Gender: 20% 80%

Kusamuzou is a Grass-type pokemon and is one of the Starter Pokemon in the Ongan Region.

It evolves into Morikikiba at level 16.

It is able to learn several signature attacks; much like its co-starters.

Physical Description

Kusamuzou resembles small elephant with bushy leaves covering its entire body besides the head and the appendages. The leaves have a light tint to them. Among the leaves are vaious twigs and branches that shoot out as well. Its skin has a very light green tint to it. It has four legs with one toe for each leg. It has a short tail with a small leaf attached to it at the end. At its breast is a flower petal. Its ears resemble large leafs. It has a flower blossum on its head, two somewhat large eyes, and a slight blush. Its trunk is somewhat sharp at the end. It does not have any tusks yet.

Gender Differences

A male Kusamuzou has a blue flower on its head, a blue flower petal on its breast, and blue eyes. A female has pink flowes and eyes.

Special Abilities

It uses the leaves on its body to collect solar energy. It will also dig its feet deep into the earth in order to draw out nutrients fom the ground. It blows out leaves and flower petals from its trunk.


Kusamuzou tend to form small groups of 5 to 10. They communicate using noise produced from its trunk. They are docile unless one does considerable harm to nature and the wild life. They will then act violently to the guilty party.


Kusamuzou is the Grass starter in Ongan regiion. However, researchers have spotted herds of them in both forest areas and in lush plains; usually near a water source.

PokeDex Entry

Kusamuzou can be found in migrating herds in vast, sunny plains. They take nutrients from the sun and the ground by merely standing still.

Dr. Hinoki's Lab

Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Pound Normal
- Growl Normal
7 Vine Whip Grass Physical
11 Absorb Grass
16 Leaf Gust Grass
19 Razor Leaf Grass
22 Knock Down Rock
25 Cotton Spore Grass
27 Magical Leaf Grass
31 Mighty Tree Grass
35 Sunny Day Fire
39 Root Strangle Ground
42 Giga Drain Grass Special
46 Petal Dance Grass
50 Spike Cannon Normal
53 Leaf Storm Grass Special

Evolution Family

Kusamuzou Morikikiba TBR


- Kusamuzou was originally based off a baby pig who would evolve into a Giant Borar-type pokemon with a giant tree growing from its shoulders. However, with the revealing of Pkabu, the fire big starter for Black and White, I decided to use Kusamuzou as a starter in this project.


Kusamuzou and its evolution family is based off the ideas of forest elephants or an Asian Elephant. It also resembles a push with pink/blue flowers on.

Kusamuzou's name comes from 草 (kusa) and 像 (zou) which translates to grass and elephant.