#0010 Kusshisu
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: N/A

Evolves into: Mekugesshi

Location: Route 49, 50, 52, etc.

Japanese Name: クッシス

Pokédex Information

Species: The Groundhog Pokémon

Type: Normal

Ability: Area Trap/Simple

Height/Weight: 1'5/18 lbs.

Dex Color: Purple

Breeding Type: Ground

Gender: 50% 50%

Kusshisu is a Normal-type Pokémon native to the Ongan Region

It evolves into Mekugesshi at Lv. 18.

Physical Description

Kusshisu has mostly light lavender-light purple hair. Its head has two sharp buck-teeth a black noise and brown-purple eyes. It has two small ears. The top of its head is dark grey in color and trails off in the back much like dreadlocks. It has a long, slender yet baggy body. Under its chin is a white streak of fur that looks much like an apron. It has medium length arms with dark claws on each paw. It has a stout tail with a black stripe that starts at the head and ends at the tip of the tail. It has white feet. It can both stand up on two feet and crawl on all fours.

Gender Differences

The female Kusshisu has longer appendages on the back of its head.

Special Abilities

While its eyesight is not the best, it can sense vibrations in the air due to its sensitive hair. Also, the apendages on the back of its head can sense vibrations from over 130 ft away. It can tunnel in the ground effortlessly.


Kusshisu moves very quickly and cautiously. Before it leaves its burrow, it will poke its head from its tunnel and sense the air for vinrations. It lives in colonies of 10-30.


Kusshisu lives in vast burrows underground.

PokeDex Entry

Kusshisu lives in vast colonies delved far under the earth. Sometimes, there tunnels can cause houses to cave in leading to extensive property damage.

Route 49, 50, 52, etc

Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Scratch Normal
- Sand-Attack Ground Status
2 Growl Normal
6 Dig Ground Physical
9 Detect Fighting
12 Double Team Normal
15 Confuse Ray Ghost
18 Mud Sport Ground
20 Rock Tomb Rock
23 Spikes Ground
26 Double Edge Normal
30 Foresight Normal
33 Rock Blast Rock
37 Earthen Guard Ground Special
39 Slam Normal

Evolution Family

Kusshisu ---> Lv. 18 Mekugesshi



Kusshisu is based on aground squirrel or a groundhog.

Kusshisu's name comes from 掘進 (kusshin) リス (risu). Kusshin means excavation and risu means squirrel.