#0011 Mekugesshi
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: Kusshisu

Evolves into: N/A

Location: Route N/A

Japanese Name: メクゲッシ

Pokédex Information

Species: The

Type: Normal/Ground

Ability: Area Trap/Simple

Height/Weight: 3'0/45 lbs.

Dex Color: Purple

Breeding Type: Ground

Gender: 50% 50%

Mekugesshi is a Normal/Ground-type Pokémon native to the Ongan Region

It evolves from Kusshisu at Lv. 18.

Physical Description

Mekugesshi is usually standing on its hind feet. It has mostly light purple fur with white hair on its belly. On th elower portion of its stomach, it has a purple paw-print design. It has whit ehindpaws. It has a longer, skinnier tail then its pre-evolution. There is a black stripe that runs along its back to its tail. It has a longer and larger neck and a longer snout with puffy cheeks. It has two long front teeth. From its nose to the back of its head is a black, leathery cover that covers its eyes. From this "cover" come 6 or 7 dreadlock-type appendages.

Gender Differences

The female Mekugesshi has longer appendages on the back of its head.

Special Abilities

Since it lives mostly in the ground; it has lost the need for sight. However, it has an excellent sense of smell and hearing. As well, it can sense vibrations around it by the appendages on its head and its hair. It can sense vibrations from another pokemon breathing 200 feet away.


Mekugesshi ususally live in large colonies of 10-25 individuals. These vast colonies can sometimes be miles in length.


Mekugesshi lives in vast burrows underground.

PokeDex Entry

It can burrow miles under the surface in elaborate burrows. Due to this, it cannot see. It has a developed an excellent sense of hearing, smell, and touch.


Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Scratch Normal
- Sand-Attack Ground Status
2 Growl Normal
6 Dig Ground Physical
9 Detect Fighting
12 Double Team Normal
15 Confuse Ray Ghost
18 Mud Sport Ground
22 Rock Tomb Rock
25 Spikes Ground
28 Double Edge Normal
32 Foresight Normal
34 Rock Blast Rock
40 Earthen Guard Ground Special
43 Slam Normal

Evolution Family

Kusshisu ---> Lv. 18 Mekugesshi


- No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Mekugesshi.

- Despite not having eyes, it can still learn Leer.


Mekugesshi is based on a ground hof or a prarie dog. Also, its lack of sight resembles a mole or a naked mole rat.

Mekugesshi's name comes from 目蔵 (mekura) and げっし (geshi). Mekura means "blind" and geshi means "rodent".