#002 Morikikiba
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: Kusamuzou

Evolves into: -----

Location: Evolution

Japanese Name:モリキキバ

Pokedex Information

Species: The Wooden Tusk Pokemon

Type: Grass

Ability: Overgrow

Height/Weight: 3'8/200 lbs.

Dex Color: Green

Breeding Type: Plant

Gender: 20% 80%

Morikikiba is a Grass-type pokemon and is the evolution of the Grass starter, Kuamuzou.

It has yet to be revealed what its evolution is.

It is able to learn several signature attacks; much like its co-starters.

Physical Description

Morikikiba is a large Elephant-type pokemon with dark leaves and ivy covering most of its body. There seems to be no order in terms of where the vines and leaves appear. It has darkish blue skin and walks on all fours. There is one toe on each foot. It has a long, thin tail with a small leaf attached to it. It has two large ears that rsemble lettuce leaves or tropical leaves. Its eyes are partly onscured by the vines and leaves. It has two large grey tusks and a long elephant trunk. In the middle of its forehead is a large blossomed flower.

Gender Differences

A female Morikikiba has a magenta flower on its head and magenta eyes. A male Morikikiba has a royal blue flower and eyes. Special Abilities

Morikikiba's trunk is very powerful. It can pick up giant logs and boulders and hurl them 30-50 feet away. Due to its heaviness, it isn't agile but it makes up in defense and power. It can slam its tusks against opponents with terrifying consequences. It can shoot out vines and leaves from its trunk in rapid succession. Behaviour

Morikikiba ar every protetctive of their territory. They often set four or five individuals to guard the perimeter of its gathering spot. If they feel threatened, the stronger individuals will charge the intruder. They can be docile though and some will even allow humans to ride them as mounts,


Morikikiba can be found in deep jungles or remote plains.

PokeDex Entry

Morikikiba has the ability to move boulders and uproot trees using its trunk and tusks. It uses its long trunk to retrieve higher fruits and flowers to eat.


Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Leaf Gust Grass
- Pound Normal
- Growl Normal
7 Vine Whip Grass Physical
11 Absorb Grass
16 Rollout Rock
19 Razor Leaf Grass
22 Knock Down Rock
25 Cotton Spore Grass
27 Magical Leaf Grass
31 Mighty Tree Grass
35 Sunny Day Fire
39 Root Strangle Ground
42 Giga Drain Grass Special
46 Petal Dance Grass
50 Spike Cannon Normal
53 Leaf Storm Grass Special

Evolution Family

Kusamuzou ----> Lv. 16 Morikikiba ----> ? TBR


- Morikikiba will learn its main signature attack, Leaf Gust, when it evolves from Kusamuzou at Lv. 16. However, if you keep Kusamuzou at level 16 without evolving, it will learn it regardless. This applies to Kaguma and Betarabushi as well.

- Morikikiba is one of the heaviest first evolution starter.


Morikikiba is based off a forest elephant and a small mamoth.

Kusamuzou's name comes from 森 (mori) and 牙 (kiba). Mori means "forest" and kiba means "fang or tusk".