#004 Okomo
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: N/A

Evolves into: Kaguma

Location: Starting Town

Japanese Name: オーコモ

Pokédex Information

Species: The Cub Pokémon

Type: Fire

Ability: Blaze

Height/Weight: 1'7/20 lbs.

Dex Color: Red

Breeding Type: Monster/Humanshape

Gender: 78% 22%

Okomo is a Fire-type Pokémon and is one of the Starter Pokemon in the Ongan Region.

It evolves into Kaguma at level 16.

It is able to learn several signature attacks; much like its co-starters.

Physical Description

Okomo is a bear-type Pokémon that usually stands on two feet. It is normally a shade of brown and has a slender face. It has a flame that blazes on top of its head. Its eyes are red and there is red markings above its eyes. It has a lightpbrown/tan muzzle. On its chest is a red "W" shape design and a red swirl mark on its stomach. It's paws have two sharp claws. On the underside on all four of its paws is the same red swirl design. It's feet has one single claw on them. It has a small flame for a tail. Gender Differences


Special Abilities

It can blast out columns of fire from its mouth. It has been known to cause destructive forest fires since it has to fully control its fire abilities. It has the ability to increase the area temperature by raising the temperature inside itself.


Okomo has a rash and abrasive personality. Even when slightly angry, it will unleash a tempest of fire around itself. However, when it exhausts its fire energy, it will hibernate until it restores itself to health.


Okomo live in coniferous forest areas with plenty of dens and caves to sleep in.

PokeDex Entry

Okomo's flame on its head and tail becomes hotter and brighter when it becomes very excited. It will often raid picnic baskets.

Dr. Hinoki's Lab

Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Tackle Normal Physical
- Growl Normal
7 Ember Fire Physical
11 Fury Swips Normal
16 Wildfire Fire
19 Fire Fang Fire
22 Faint Attack Dark
25 Slash Normal
27 Focus Energy Normal
31 Bonfire Fire
35 Fire Spin Fire
39 Rest Normal
42 Swift Normal Special
46 Sucker Punch Dark
50 Flare Blitz Fire
53 Flash Fire Fire Special

Evolution Family

Okomo ---> Lv. 16 Kaguma -----> ? TBR


- Okomo went through 4 or 5 design processes before I got the one I wanted.


Kusamuzou and its evolution family is based off grizzly bears and forest fires. Okomo is based off a grizzly cub.

Kusamuzou's name comes from 王 (ou) and 熊 (kuma) which translates to king and bear. Or bear kind symbolizing it being the largest and most powerful bear pokemon..