#0013 Yoroshitaka
General Info

National Dex: N/A

Evolves from: Kabutori

Evolves into: N/A

Location: N/A

Japanese Name: ヨロシタカ

Pokédex Information

Species: The Shell Head Pokémon

Type: Normal/Flying

Ability: Rock Head

Height/Weight: 3'0/45 lbs.

Dex Color: Brown

Breeding Type: Flying

Gender: 50% 50%

Kabutori is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon native to the Ongan Region

It evolves from Kabutori at Lv. 20.

Physical Description

Yoroshitaka is a large, brown and white falcon like bird. It has a large, round body with light brown plummage in its front which reaches down to its legs and near its tail feathers. The upper part of its body, head, wings, and back are brown. It has a spiky brown tail feathers with white tail feathers inside. It has small yellow legs and grey talons. It's wing feathers are almost all brown save for the end which is white. Its neck has the same color as the tail and wing plummage. It has a yellow beak and red mouth. It has a large steel-like covering its head. It reaches down to its beak, over his forehead, ans forms three spikes near the back. There is also an additional covering just underneath the eye. Its eyes are yellow. The back of its hea,d behind the helmet, is white and brown plummage.

Gender Differences

The female Yoroshitaka has a smaller shell helmet then the male.

Special Abilities

Yoroshitaka uses its large, hard head helmet to smash apart rocks and wood in order to get to its food sources. It can dive bomb from the air and completely obliderate any object it hits without any damage to itself.


Yoroshitaka come only together to mate with eachother. The female Yoroshitaka will break apart stones and trees in order to feed its young. Some cities and towns consider them apest for the damage they cause when they fly.


Yoroshitaka can be found in plains and forests.

PokeDex Entry

. It has been known to fly into windows only to smash right through them thus hitting the person inside.

49, 50, 51, 53

Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Move List
Level Move Type Cat.
- Tackle Normal
- Sand-Attack Ground Status
4 Quick Attack Normal
6 Wing Attack Ground Physical
10 Harden Fighting
13 Rock Smash Normal
16 Aerial Ace Ghost
19 Focus Energy Ground
22 Air Slash Rock
25 Freefall Ground
27 Double Team Normal
30 Headbutt Normal
32 Double Edge Rock
36 Twister Ground Special
39 Head Smash Normal

Evolution Family

Kusshisu ---> Lv. 20 Yoroshitaka



Yoroshitaka is idea of using its head to break apart trees to eat insects is based off from a wood-pecker instead with a heard head instead of beak.

Kabutori's name comes from 鎧 (yoroi) and たか (taka). Yoroi means "armor" and "taka" means hawk.